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How many connections does power bi open up for loading data

We have a simple Power BI reports accessing Oracle db for part of the data.  DBA team has  limited users to 8 db sessions and this reports fail because it hits the max of 8 sessions. when the limit is removed and when we run a fairly simple report it generated 20 concurrent database connections (not all active, most inactive). When I traced the connections and found it executed 4 distinct queries (1 ran 1 time, 2 ran 2 times, and 1 ran 3 times) and also generated 13 sessions that did nothing.   when I executed the report multiple times and I saw connections grow up to 38…  this is just for a single user/report.


Are you aware of any settings inside the app that will tell it to reuse connections or anything like that?  We have concerns about opening up so many connections for just a single report. 

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We are also getting the same issue when it comes to Oracle. Very frustrating as our EDW is built on Oracle and we cant use that data in Power BI

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How many queries used in this report ? If you have multiple query / table from a DB, Power BI will initiate seperate connection/ session for each query. Also, if you had duplicataed any query, its going to create seperate connection for that as well.




 Hi Rajendran,

I have 3 Queries but I see 15 to 16 connections open in the backend when I monitor in Oracle DB.The number of connection differs each time and as we have limit of 8 connection it fails to refresh the model.



Any news on this one?, I have a PBIX that goes againts teradata and same thing happens, kind a new session for each table created in the edit query dialog.

We also see lot of connections being created by Power BI when we use Import Data from Teradata. Any updates on the count of sessions being created? Also in some scenarios, the triggered sessions just remain in Responding or Idle state and do not get disconnected post closing the pbix files.

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We also have this problem since a few weeks now. We do a daily refresh of all our cubes, not all at the same time though. It worked fine till 26/7, but then we encountered the same problem I read about here on a number of forums, that connections to an Oracle database generates a lot of open sessions that are not being closed (or not being closed quick enough).


We already do a daily reboot of or gateway server, but that doesn' t help. Once you start 1 refresh of 1 query, 10 sessions are opened. The lates version of PowerBI Gateway was also installed, but that didn't help either.


I've seen a lot of suggestions here from other PowerBI users to try and solve this, but I did not yet see an official answer from Microsoft, or am I mistaken?

Is there an official solution from Microsoft?

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