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djellis73 Visitor

How do I refresh data in Power BI Desktop

I have built a model by creating a dataset from an excel file on my desktop. The data source correctly shows the location of the orginal file on my desktop. I have now added some additonal Data in the excel file how do I get this to update inthe the power BI dataset/model in Poer BI desktop


I have tried get data but that creates a new table. I have tried refreh but that appears to do nothing in this case, I have installed the personal gateway but cannot find where that is. All the documentatio I can find refers to the power BI service not the desktop, in production that would be Ok but for development I need to update the desktop.



san_jois Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: How do I refresh data in Power BI Desktop


If you are using excel based data, then it is good to use tables instead of just columns and rows of data..

Basically you select your existing data, convert it to table (Home-Format as table) and name it

You then refer this name directly in your model as a table..

Whenever you update data, 'refresh' in pbi desktop and it should work


Hope this helps


Super User
Super User

Re: How do I refresh data in Power BI Desktop

It is not clear if you are trying to refresh from or in Power bi desktop. If desktop, then just click the refresh button. You can then republish the desktop file back to (overwrite). If you are trying to do it at, you first need to configure the gateway you have installed. It is configured in

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