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How do I copy text from the Power BI report?


I want to be able to copy text from the report, such a feature is univeral in Windows and is known as "clipboard access".  


You really need to hear me on this.  This is an outrage.  I will explain, because on another thread a user asked you this question and you could not figure out what he or she had meant. 


I want to be able to select some text, press Ctrl-C so as to "copy" some text, and then be able to go to another application and press Ctrl-V so as to "paste" that text.  


If your program can't do this, consider how that impacts the "usefulness" of it.  

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I had the same issue and it turned out to be a problem in my Clipboard Settings.  


Type "clipboard settings" into the Windows Search 

Make sure Clipboard History is toggled "OFF"


When I did that I was then able to go to my data, select data in a field, then and CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste.

I hope that helps - this problem was really frustrating for me too.


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Please don't treat us like we're dumb - we all know what copy/paste is.


You've always been able to copy/paste just fine, as long as it's selectable text, like what you can type into text boxes. Everything else is usually a component of a visual, like titles (and you can do the same in the title edit field).


What else are you trying to copy/paste?

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On another thread someone had asked about clipboard access and the response had been to ask what that is.


I am not treating you as though dumb, I am asking a serious question.  


I want to copy the "job name" from the table and it does not allow that!

Hi @Anonymous,


First I cannot visit your second link. It says I don't have access to your report. So if you want to share us your report. You can try One Drive or Google Drive.


Then you want to copy the "job name". Where is it and what is it? Maybe you can also share us some screenshots about it. And as @RMDNA said, it is able to do Copy and Paste in Power BI, as long as it's selectable text.


Xi Jin.

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I understand that copying the text is not a feature and that perhaps there is some security reason for this. 

I have not heard you mention any way of "turning on and off" the clipboard access, after several communications on this subject both on my thread and on threads opened by other users.  Therefore I am satisfied what the answer is. 

I would recommend that we instead create a custom report in Html which would allow those consuming the report to be able to copy the job names (which are text).  However, I am being over-ruled, so congratulations. 

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 I want to copy text from a power BI report.  


It really is an outrage, you need to hear me on this.  



Please see my response in your other thread.

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I am sorry for double posting, but it is because your form did not work.  There had been no indication that the first one succeeded.  

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