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Hospitalized patient

Hello everyone.

I need to calculate the occupancy rate of the beds through a data segmentation filter by period or date.

I have as parameter, the date of entry and the date of departure of each patient, the total number of beds and patients who do not have date of exit because they are still hospitalized("AQ8730"). 


As you can see, in the photo below:
As of October 1, we had 16 new patients.
On October 2 we had more patients coming in and others still hospitalized.

If we look only at the date of the first day of October, we had only 5 patients hospitalized. (not counting those who were already admitted before this date, as you can see the patient on September 30 in line "C8712" photo.)


Just do not have the slightest idea to apply that to powerbi.







 Thank you very much for your attention!
I would appreciate it if anyone could help me!

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Re: Hospitalized patient

Take a look at these two Quick Measures as I think you want something like them.

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wkvitor_17 Frequent Visitor
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Re: Hospitalized patient

Hello Greg,


Sorry for my ignorance.


I could not understand these two links to my reality.