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Horizontal bar charts showing deviation from 0?

Is there a custom visual / R script combo that allows for a configurable baseline e.g. 0 in a bar chart (horoizontal) and then show deviation either side of that point? All other axis hidden?



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Community Champion



Do you mean something like this?




As long as you create the measure you want to display as a value that will be either >0 or <0, this is a standard built-in bar chart. You should be able to configure the axes to your liking.


Hope this helps


That is exactly it kind Sir.

What was the measure used?

In my case it was the difference between this quarter's response percentage and last quarter's


Response % Q over Q =
IF (
    NOT ( ISBLANK ( [Response %] ) ),
    [Response %] - CALCULATE ( [Response %], PREVIOUSQUARTER ( DateTab[Date] ) )

But it can be anything that is "normalized" to 0.


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