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Helper I

Hiding visual resets filter?

Hi all,


I have a few bar charts stacked on top of the other that all have different measures associated. Depending on which bookmark the user clicks I show the relevant bar chart and hide the others in the selection pane.


If I select a category on the currently visible bar chart it filters all the other visuals as I'd expect, however if I then change to a different bookmark (hiding the visual and showing a new one) that filter seems to be reset. Is what I should expect to happen?


I've already unticked data on the bookmarks tab for each bookmark and updated them but the same thing happens each time...

Super User
Super User

Hmm, will have to test. To be clear, you don't want the filter to be reset, correct? I would think you would need the data checkbox checked for that...

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Yes I want to keep the whatever the user has selected as a filter for the visuals in the new bookmark.


My understanding of the data checkbox was that the bookmark would return all the data/filter settings to whatever was on the page at the time the bookmark was created or updated (by the developer), which is why I turned it off. It works that way for slicers at the very least.

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