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Hiding the table till selections are made

I have a table that looks as follows:


Learning_Hide 1.PNG


I would make a table of the above in Power BI and add about 4 slicers to the page.


However, I need the table created to show the data accordingle only when ALL slicers have selections. If all the 4 slicers do not have any selections, then the table returns blank. Is there a way to acheive this?


Alternatively, would also like to know how to do: Show table when atleast one of the slicers is selected.



Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

If you don't like the workaround above for hiding/showing the visual, and want to show the table structure but with no data, you can set up a measure for each field you're displaying in your table like this:

ShowNameIfSliced = IF(
    ISFILTERED(Table[Slicer1 Col]) && 
    ISFILTERED(Table[Slicer2 Col]) &&
    ISFILTERED(Table[Slicer3 Col]) && 
    ISFILTERED(Table[Slicer4 Col]),
    Table[Name], BLANK()

And using these measures instead of the raw values for your visualization. Similar results can be achieved with HASONEVALUE or other functions if ISFILTERED isn't giving you the outcome you prefer.

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Unfortunately, there's not a way to dynamically show/hide a visualization easily in PowerBI.  There are a multitude of suggestions for this feature you can vote on for future improvements to PowerBI.  Here are a few.

There are some common workarounds for this issue. I like to use the method described here:

Your Make Transparent measure would be more complex than the one in his example, since you need to check if 4 slicers have a selection instead of just one, but it will give you a head start on getting the job done. 

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