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Resolver I

Help with date measure COUNTIFs in Excel in DAX



Using a separate date table, I am trying to identify how many jobs were 'open' on any given date to plot in a bar chart.


Open is defined as where:

the StartDate is >= DateTable[Date] 

the CompleteDate <=DateTable[Date]


Can I do this in a single measure, or do I need to write multiple measures?


E,g, if the DateTable[Date] = 01/01/19 the count of OpenJobs would be 6


JobID  StartDate                     CompleteDate

201/01/2019 00:00:0011/03/2019 00:00:00
301/01/2019 00:00:0011/03/2019 00:00:00
101/01/2019 00:00:0014/01/2019 00:00:00
401/01/2019 00:00:0011/03/2019 00:00:00
501/01/2019 00:00:0011/03/2019 00:00:00
601/01/2019 00:00:0011/03/2019 00:00:00
901/02/2019 00:00:0011/02/2019 00:00:00
701/02/2019 00:00:0011/02/2019 00:00:00
801/02/2019 00:00:0011/02/2019 00:00:00
1001/02/2019 00:00:0011/02/2019 00:00:00
1101/02/2019 00:00:0011/02/2019 00:00:00
1201/02/2019 00:00:0011/02/2019 00:00:00
1301/03/2019 00:00:0011/03/2019 00:00:00
1401/03/2019 00:00:0011/03/2019 00:00:00
1501/03/2019 00:00:0011/03/2019 00:00:00
1601/03/2019 00:00:0011/03/2019 00:00:00
1701/03/2019 00:00:0011/03/2019 00:00:00
Super User II
Super User II


you can try this

Column = CALCULATE(countrows('Table'),FILTER('Table','DateTable'[Date]>='Table'[StartDAte]&&'DateTable'[Date]<='Table'[CompleteDate]))





measure = CALCULATE(countrows('Table'),FILTER('Table',max('DateTable'[Date])>='Table'[StartDAte]&&max('DateTable'[Date])<='Table'[CompleteDate]))




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Resolver I
Resolver I

In Excel, I would have done something like this with a date series


= COUNTIFS(jobs[StartDate], "<="&[@Date],jobs[EndDate],">"&[@Date])


I dunno why I cannot get my head round this simple thing 



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