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Helper II
Helper II

Help with Relationship Modelling using a shared dimension and many-to-many bridge.



I need some advice with this data model. Maybe this approach is flawed but is there a way to make this (simplified) structure work? I can't get all the relationships at the same time due to ambiguity:




My desired logic:

  • Locations always exist.
  • Locations can have incidents and hazards, both or neither.
  • Incidents can involve zero or many hazards.
  • Hazards can have zero or many incidents.


Example use cases might be:

  • Location with most incidents
  • Hazards with most incidents
  • Incidents without recorded Hazards
  • Lists of Hazards and Incidents by location



Hazard Incident Relationship Schematic.PNG


Thank you in advance,


Super User
Super User

What I would do personally is to merge the Hazards and IncidentHazards tables together using the HazardID.

Then when you model your data you can then create a relationship from Hazards to Incidents based on the IncidentID.
And from there you can then create the required DAX calculations.

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Hi Guavaq,

Thank you for the suggestion, but this would create many duplicates in the Hazard table which makes any analysis on that table much more complicated. The other way I considered Is having two Location tables, but that has problems too, especially as I want to use it for RLS.


This dataset is getting published to users who are report builders rather than data modellers and they will just get frustrated with duplicates and/or having to filter location in two places.

Hi there, ok that makes sense to try and keep it as simple as possible for the report builders.

I am sure that there would be a way to model it so that it is easier and simple for them to create their reports?

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