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Help with Fiscal Year and Month

I'm very new to Power BI and need a little help with Fiscal Year and Months.  I took the DIAD class and am now trying to implement some stuff I learned into the class.


My table is set up like this:  



I am trying to show revenue by fiscal year and month.  I want the fiscal year format to show as YY/YY and our fiscal year starts on 7/1.  Here is the weird part that makes things hard for me.  The date column you see will not always coincide with the fiscal year and month.  For example, a transaction on 7/3/2018 may have the fiscal year of 17/18 and fiscal month of June. 


So how do I setup a column or table to recognize the fiscal year column and month column as the date with July being the first month? 

Community Champion
Community Champion

@ThisIsHalloween hey, everything you need is in one of these 4 patterns, explained to details:

2022-05-19 17_30_22-Re_ Need help on DAX function with measure vs colu... - Microsoft Power BI Commu.png

Showcase Report – Contoso By SpartaBI


SpartaBI_3-1652115470761.png   SpartaBI_1-1652115142093.png   SpartaBI_2-1652115154505.png

I didn't have much luck with that on how to connect how the data is setup back to dates. 

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