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Help! Is conditional formatting for card visuals possible?

Hello everyone!

Hello all! Any help will be appreciated Smiley Happy I have a concern and I want to confirm if it is possible to implement it in powerbi. I have a project and I was tasked to create an operational dashboard that would help monitor client tickets.
This is a box named "New" that are compromised of 4 advanced cards for CITI, CLSA, NSE, and SCB.

1 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The value "0" displayed from the four cards comes from this particular measure:

2 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With the measure I created which is seen in the photo above, my objective is to filter out the "New" tickets from the final table by counting the blank rows in the "Assignee" column. Meaning, those tickets with the blank assignee means that no one has accepted the ticket incident yet.
After being advised that we will be using Powerbi Report Server -- the datasets will be updated every 30 minutes. And I would like to know if a particular card can change its font color or background color according to conditions for data refresh. I have found many resources that guides into conditional formatting, however, all those are based on conditions based on the actual value of the card. And not a tutorial indicated for the exceptions of having to consider a scenario wherein it uses a operational process of pushing new data into powerbi coming from a database server.

I want to clarify if this logic could be executed in Powerbi:
>>> If current ID ticket still doesn't have an assignee value (meaning null) after the next 30 min data refresh , then change card color to red. Else, "assignee" value is filled then no change of card color.

>>> Also, would this execution still be possible even though the current value of the card points to the first measure (second photo posted) that filters out blank/null values from the assignee column? Or it is already considered a different execution?

If you have any suggestions or ideas to implement this, IT WOULD BE A REALLY APPRECIATED. I've been searching and asking for advice, yet no one seems to know how to implement it.

Any good soul out there who's willing to help a beginner, I will owe you my life haha.

Thank you!
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Re: Help! Is conditional formatting for card visuals possible?

Hi @jtstacruz,


Nope, conditional formatting feature only works on table and matrix visual. (card visual not support)

I'd like to suggest you add unicode characters with if statements to check specific column value to achieve conditional format effect.

Power BI Desktop/DAX – Using Unicode (Arrows) as Measures in a Table


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