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JamesS123 New Member
New Member

HR retention problem calculations

Hi All, 


I treid following the solution here:


Unfortunately it only gives me cumulative hired/fired as the same for each year (see below). 


I think it is to do with the first two measures, as they just seem to gather all staff but I'm a little stuck as to whats going on here. 


To confirm, I have a date table with all dates from 2000-2050 and a year colum with just the year from these dates. 


I then have a second table with employee number, and have pivoted the other colums as per the example in the link above so I have a matching format. 


Is there a step I am missing or similar to get it to show the additions/leavers per year? 


Many Thanks in advance. 



Super User
Super User

Re: HR retention problem calculations

Hi @JamesS123


Can you at least show the code of your measures, ideally share the pbix file?

Nick_M New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: HR retention problem calculations

Can you add in what measures you are using?  If using time-intelligence functions be sure to set your calendar table to a Date table to ensure they calculate correctly.