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Helper I

Group By and Concatenate

Hello everyone,


I am trying to count the number of recurrences over weeks and also create a new column which concatenate the dates of the report when the data appeared. 


From a fact table, I created a filter table:


Table Cancellation = filter('Outstanding PO Query',and('Outstanding PO Query'[Date Cancellation Report] <> "",'Outstanding PO Query'[Line To Cancel] = "YES"))


From this new table, I used the GROUP BY function:


Group By Cancellation = GROUPBY('Table Cancellation','Table Cancellation'[Key PO Line],
"Count Recurrence",COUNTX(CURRENTGROUP(),count('Table Cancellation'[Key PO Line])))
I am getting 2 columns however I would like to have a 3rd column that gives me the concatenate of the "Date Cancellation Report" in the same table with a DAX formula since it is not a query.
Finally, how can I display the data in a visual that only contains a recurrence > 1 and the concatenate value contains the latest "Date Cancellation Report".
Sample Table Cancellation:
KEY PO LINEDate Cancellation Report
Expected Table:
KEY PO LINERECURRENCEDate Cancellation Report
C0909202/08/2019 - 09/08/2019
CR560202/08/2019 - 09/08/2019


Thanks for your help!

Kind regards


Super User IV
Super User IV

For adding a concatenation column, just wrap your GROUPBY with an ADDCOLUMNS function.


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Super User I
Super User I


Date Cancellation Report =
VAR _Line = 'Outstanding PO Query'[KEY PO LINE]
     & IF (
            'Outstanding PO Query'[RECURRENCE] > 1,
              " - "
              & CALCULATE (
                    MAX ( 'Outstanding PO Query'[Date Cancellation Report] ),
                    ALL ( 'Outstanding PO Query' ),
                    'Outstanding PO Query'[KEY PO LINE] = _VAR
     BLANK ()





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Thanks for your reply. I am still novice in Power BI and cannot get what I want. I am getting several times the same data in the Concatenate while I would like only 1 data for each cancellation date. This is an example of what I got:



RECURRENCEDate Cancellation Report
C0909202/08/2019 - 02/08/2019 - 02/08/2019 - 02/08/2019 - 09/08/2019- 09/08/2019- 09/08/2019


I would like something similar to this:


RECURRENCEDate Cancellation Report
C0909202/08/2019 - 09/08/2019


Here is the formula I typed:


Group By Cancellation =
    GROUPBY('Table Cancellation','Table Cancellation'[Key PO Line],
        "Count Recurrence",COUNTX(CURRENTGROUP(),count('Table Cancellation'[Key PO Line]))),"Concatenate",CONCATENATEX('Table Cancellation','Table Cancellation'[Date Cancellation Report],"-"))
Thanks for your help,

Thanks Steve, however I am not sure to get it.

Should I do this calculation from the fact table? What will this give to me?

Sorry I am still novice in BI.


Super User III
Super User III


Drag Key PO Line to the Row labels and write these measures:


=MIN(Data[Date Cancellation Report])&if(MAX(Data[Date Cancellation Report])-MIN(Data[Date Cancellation Report])=0,BLANK()," - "&MAX(Data[Date Cancellation Report]))

Hope this helps.

Ashish Mathur


Thank you. Actually, the countrows does the job by counting the number of recurrences.

I used this Concatenate function as following

Concatenate = CONCATENATEX('Table Cancellation','Table Cancellation'[Date Cancellation Report],"- ",'Table Cancellation'[Key PO Line])


I got this table:

Key PO LineConcatenate# Nb Lines
C022591226/07/2019- 31/07/2019- 02/08/2019- 09/08/20194
C0832244526/07/2019- 31/07/20192


I would like to show data in this table only when the latest date (for instance 09/08/2019 in this example) is included in the concatenate column.

Is it possible to go around with this with a measure or filter?


Thanks again,



I'm not sure of who you are replying to.  Did you try out my solution?

Ashish Mathur

Hello Ashish,


Sorry for my late reply, I was away for a couple of weeks.


I tried out your solutions and I could get the number of recurrences with the COUNTROWS and also get the range MIN-MAX with the report date. However, would it be possible:


- to have the full range of dates displayed (not only MIN & MAX)

- to only display the data that contains the filtered date in the slicer


Otherwise, would it be possible to get this result directly from the table by Grouping by: KEY PO LINE, New column "Count Recurrence" and new column "Concatenate" that concatenates all the cancellation date reports?


Thanks again for your help.



You are picking up this thread after a month.  Please show the dataset and the expected result.

Ashish Mathur

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