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Soren Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Graph issue

Hi everone,

I am trying to develop a graph from two source of data, planned (schedule table) and actual ( labourcode actual)

1- I created a Calendar date table and made relationship between this table and the other two tables.

The schedule date is up to 30 Apr, but actual data is up to 18 March yet. The issue is that the grapg doesnt show any date after the 18 Mar and doesnt show the schedule cuGraph.PNGmulative graph after his date. any advise?

jsh121988 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Graph issue

1) If you don't have any data after March 18 (a measure returns blank()) then the dates won't be shown. If you create a measure aggreagating your data, and then add 0, it'll always return a non-blank value. This means that dates will be shown with 0 as the value. By default, any aggregate that returns blank() is hidden in PowerBI visuals.


MyMeasure = SUM([MyColumn]) + 0


2) If your Date table ends at March 18th, then you won't have any data displayed after.