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Getting Quartely Average from Months



My dataset has a column for months and a corresponding column for the Quarter the month falls in, When putting the data in a simple bar chart I am getting a sum of my data in Quarter 1&2 etc rather than a average of the Jan-Mar in quarter 1, have played around with if and tried a few dax expressions but nothing has worked yet,


The way I want the data to be presented in a sum(jan and feb and Mar) divided by 3 and this would be quarter 1 and so on for q2 etc,


Any help would be brill,



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@Bill_OC ,

Try like

QTD Avg Sales = CALCULATE(averagex(Values(Date[Month Year])CALCULATE(SUM(Sales[Sales Amount]))) ,DATESQTD(('Date'[Date])))


Qtr Sales = CALCULATE(averagex(Values(Date[Month Year])CALCULATE(SUM(Sales[Sales Amount]))) ,DATESQTD(ENDOFQUARTER('Date'[Date])))


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Thanks for reply, the name of my dataset is 2018 and the column called Month has just months and the column FTE % is the column is wish to get the average off across the quarters


QTD Avg Sales = CALCULATE(averagex(Values('2018'[Month])CALCULATE(SUM('2018'[FTE %]))) ,DATESQTD(('2018'[Month])))
I have filled out your first formula to match my dataset but its not working. Any tips?

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