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Get average from filters

Hi Guys,


I'm trying to work out an issue.

I've got severel filters on my report (see photo)getaverage.png




So filter 1: choose from 1 to 5

Filter 2: choose from 1 to 5

And so on,

Is it possible to get the average number from these filters? So for the photo the average should be 3.5


Thanks in advance

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Super User

Re: Get average from filters

Hi @miltenburger,


Try something like this:


Average =
        CALCULATE ( SUM ( a[a] ), ALLSELECTED ( a[a] ) )
            + CALCULATE ( SUM ( b[b] ), ALLSELECTED ( b[b] ) )
        CALCULATE ( COUNT ( a[a] ), ALLSELECTED ( a[a] ) )
            + CALCULATE ( COUNT ( b[b] ), ALLSELECTED ( b[b] ) )



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Re: Get average from filters

Hi @MFelix

Thanks for your fast reply.

I used following code (because all my filters are based on factCompetentieniveau[cijfer], i did following:

NewAverage = DIVIDE(CALCULATE(sum(factCompetentieniveau[Cijfer]);ALLSELECTED(factCompetentieniveau[Cijfer]));CALCULATE(COUNT(factCompetentieniveau[Cijfer]);ALLSELECTED(factCompetentieniveau[Cijfer])))

When i put my measure on a text box it gives me the value: blank

Got any ideas?

Re: Get average from filters

Anybody else got any ideas how to do this?

Maybe it's not even possible, i'm not sure..?

Re: Get average from filters