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Get 6 bars with last values of 6 months

Hi all,

In previous posts the following was discussed:


Thanks for the comments on this, it is very valueable.


When i use this solution on my table, it sums all the values.
In my situation i want to have the last value available for the 6 different months

I used in a calculated table the following calculated column:
MaxDate = MAXX(RELATEDTABLE(TestBalances);TestBalances[Date])

The only problem here is that it takes the very last value, of a range of dates.

I want to have the last value of a month

date table sample:
date yearmonthnumber
01-jan-2016 2016_01
02-jan-2016 2016_01
31-jan-2016 2016_01
01-feb-2016 2016_02

balance table sample:
date balance type
01-jan-2016 2000 Green
15-jan-2016 2005 Green
26-jan-2016 2009 Green
01-feb-2016 2100 Green
15-feb-2016 2105 Green
24-feb-2016 2109 Green
01-mch-2016 2200 Green
15-mch-2016 2205 Green
17-mch-2016 2209 Green

The result that I want to have is:
26-jan-2016 2009 Green
24-feb-2016 2109 Green
17-mch-2016 2209 Green

Important note: when there is no value of the balance for a month, it should take the last available balance.
Any suggestions?


Hi JohnD2,

Could you please share a screenshot of the table under the relationship View?

I am afraid currently I am not able to figure which one is the table of TestBalances.

From my understanding, we could take use of Earlier function to locate the month value.

What we need to do is to  create another Year-month column on TestBalances table, then the calculated column shoud be the formula as below:

MaxDate = Calculate(





I haven't tested it yet, please share the data model or data example here, so I could suggest a more suitable expression.



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