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Generating table with icons in place of numbers

This is my first post so apologies if I have posted in the wrong area or made mistakes regarding best practice when posting questions. I have data which looks something like this:Data formatData format


And I am hoping to get a chart or matrix table which has the specific number of coloured icons in place of the number. Preferably something like the picture below, which gives a great "big picture" view of the projects being completed across three different dimensions without looking unneccesarily messy. I have found timeline visuals which look good but can't seem to replace the time axis with a stage axis.

Desired TableDesired Table

 Any help in getting the above visual or even potential workarounds is appreciated.





Is this good enough?




see attached

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Thanks for the response @lbendlin.

Here is a table of what the data might look like:


Project 1Team 1Type 1Stage 1
Project 2Team 1Type 2Stage 2
Project 3Team 1Type 3Stage 3
Project 4Team 2Type 1Stage 4
Project 5Team 2Type 2Stage 1
Project 6Team 2Type 3Stage 2
Project 7Team 3Type 1Stage 3
Project 8Team 3Type 2Stage 4
Project 9Team 3Type 3Stage 1
Project 10Team 4Type 1Stage 2
Project 11Team 4Type 2Stage 3
Project 12Team 4Type 3Stage 4
Project 13Team 1Type 3Stage 2
Project 14Team 2Type 2Stage 1
Project 15Team 2Type 2Stage 1
Project 16Team 3Type 2Stage 1
Project 17Team 4Type 2Stage 1


And here is an updated picture of what the desired outcome would look like based on this sample data above:



A table with coloured icons in place of numbers, where each icon represents a project, and colour to represent the type. I'm also open to any alternative suggestions for conveying this executive summary of the projects in such a simple concise way.


Hope this is more helpful.

Is this good enough?




see attached

That's perfect, thank you very much!

Super User
Super User

Welcome to the forums.  Please provide sanitized sample data that fully covers your issue. I can only help you with meaningful sample data.
Please paste the data into a table in your post or use one of the file services like OneDrive or Google Drive. Screenshots of your source data are not useful.
Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided. Screenshots of the expected outcome are ok.

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