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Gantt Chart visual - selecting the start date?


I currently have a Power BI project going in which I am using the Gantt chart visual.  We have a larger project list in which we have projects that started much earlier than others. My question is - is there a way to define the actual start date of the gantt chart visual that can by Dynamic and doesnt filter the actual projects themselves?  If I set the start date and then apply a filter/slicer it filters out the projects that dont have a start date within the range I have selected.  I would rather the start date for the visual itself change. This would help eliminate the horizontal scrolling.

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I have the exact same problem as justincooper88. My Gantt chart is showing projects and project periods.


I would like the Gantt chart view to show a specific period e.g. September. Because i use the start date in the slicer, it filters out any projects that has a start date before 1st of september, even though the projects run through september.  


Has anyone found a solution for this?

Think I found a solution on the date range issue.


Add a "Date range" custom column to extract all dates between start and finish date:

Date Range = {Number.From([Deployment Start Date])..Number.From([Deployment Finish Date])}


Use this field in the gantt and select earliest in the start date field and latest in the end date field.

Insert a slicer on the Date range field and all projects having a date within the range will appear, but only with a bar appearing within the selected date range. 

Were you able to get that to work in the MS Gantt visual @AnnesofieS? I can only get it work in the other Gantt on the store. (Can't get Earliest to show against the Start Date field)




Since the "start date" is associated with each record, when you put "start date" into column, it will definitely filter out those records without selected "start date". This is expected behavior. It's not possible to keep all records in Gantt chart and dynamically filter duration bars only.




Hi Simon,


Can I ask why that's the expected behaviour?


I would expect at a project-level, most people would want to use the Gantt visualisation to show a specific view (e.g. the whole of 2017).


This will often include projects that started in 2016 or earlier, but because we can only filter on 'Project Start Date', these projects would dissapear if I tried to give a view of 2017.


Thank you



As you said, each project has a start date, it's just a like "tag" associated with each record. When you filter on 'Project Start Date' only, it will just filter the underlying records which match the date range you specified in slicer. So if you select Year 2017, it will not take any records in Year 2016.



Hi Simon,

That is understood, thank you. I guess what I am looking for (and sounds like @heyheyhey is as well) is to be able to setup a filter/choose a start date for the visual itself rather than filtering the data to fit into the static visual.




Hi all,


Has there been a fix for this?


I am using the Gantt viual and would have expected the same feature mentioned by justincooper88.


Is it an expected behaviour for the visual to start "today" rather than at the earliest start date from the dataset?





I have the same issue as you -- the start date is not reflective of the date data I am pulling from SharePoint. The Start Date reflects the current day. So far, I think it has something to do with the dataset format/type. When I create a Gantt Visualization from the excel spreadsheet I am uploading to SharePoint, the Start Date is accurate. 


I'm not entirely sure why this is. I'd appreciate assistance from the team. 


SharePoint dataset Start Date looks like this in Power BI: 

12/19/2017 5:00:00 AM


Excel dataset looks like this:

Tuesday, January 16, 2018




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Fixed my issue.


StartDate field in the dataset was classified as "Data type: Text". Solved by changing to "Data type: Date"


Do this by switching from Report view to Data view in Power BI, selecting my StartDate field, then going to top ribbon>Modeling tab>Formatting section>Data type: Date


Now my StartDate from SharePoint dataset appears as Tuesday, December 19, 2017 without the timestamp, and the date is correctly reflected on my Gantt chart.


Used smoupre's answer in this thread for reference:

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