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Gantt Chart - Sorting Issue


I've an urgent issue in Gantt Chart.


Unfortunately we cannot solve the sort.

Initially we solved putting the number before task name, but if you see the task 6,7,8 is after the 050 but it should be after 005.


Please can somebody kindly help us?

It is really an urgent feature otherwise we should consider a different product.


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I have the same issue with Gantt 2.2.3 visual

Any idea if other Gantt visualization has this issue too?

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Found a workaround on last version.

First you need to create a group field for which you want to sort. make sure lables given are in desired order (for ex. 00 , 01 ,02,03 etc... or AA,AB,AC,AD...etc).


After creating group with labels in desired order. drag that column in to field "Extra Information" highlighted below.

power bi 1.PNG


and then sort the group column as given below.

 power bi 2.PNG

hope this will help


This really helped, thank you!

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I am having the same issue. Can the developer please simply reinstate the 'Group Task' functionality?


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Grouping was a resolution to the sorting of the Tasks, however with the latest update, this has become void. So the sorting doesn't change with order in the group but it sorts according to the start date.


Can anyone help with a work around or a solution? This is an urgent issue to be tackled.

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As stated before the Gantt visual always sorts on the start date. But have you tried "tricking it" by changing the sort order (explained earlier) of the start date column using your desired sorting column? Worked for me.


- Ragnar

Yes, but without success. In the old version the sort was bugged and removed in the last version that i've tried.


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On the Modeling ribbon you will find an option to Sort a column... by another column.  I would try that out...



Unfortunately this action does not affect any reaction to Gantt Chart, as you can see from the screen below (sorry but it is in italian) I choose ID column, then Sort by Column -> then I choose "Nome Task" (task name).


In the modeling i see that effectively the rows was sorted by the correct way, but Gantt completely ignore any sorting.






In Gantt Chart, no matter how you set the sort order for your column, it will sort the Categories based on StartDate only.





The last time I used this was about 2 weeks ago at which time it was possible to choose which column to sort by, by clicking on the ... at the top-right of the gantt visualisation, but this option no longer appears:




So it seems that something has changed; is there a team at Power BI or GitHub or somewhere else that could advise if/when the functionality will return?



I came across the same issue and reached out to the software engineer of the visual noting the problem and he replied sayingthe following: 


Gantt chart doesn’t support custom sorting. This visual always sorts values by date or category if date field isn’t filled.

We’ll improve Gantt visual and allow custom sorting.



It's strange because I want to create this screenshot form the Gantt App Store page. I want to sort the task name alphabetically but it won't allow it.



Identified a bit of a workaround; by selecting group tasks, it seems that tasks are sorted alphabetically by legend first then by date second.  It may be necessary to make all task names unique otherwise it will combine tasks with the same name (unless of course you want this to happen).  And, by using a helper column to assign the right alphabetical value to the field used in the legend, you can determine the required sort order.


That said, this is probably not the intended use of the legend field so the functionality may change at a later update...

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@Mule: Do you know if this has been fixed?

In my Chart the tasks are still ordered alphabetically instead of chornologically.




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Unfortunately, Group Task have no effect on my chart 😞



I am experiencing the same issue; using sort by another column in the modelling ribbon used to work but doesn't seem to work now.  The problem doesn't affect other visualisations like the charts.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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