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Gantt Chart 2.2.2 - Task Completion % no longer getting displayed

Since the GANTT Chart upgraded to 2.2.2 the Task Completion % is not getting displayed and the entire Task Bar is of same color.

Prior to this upgrade the Task bar showed progress as per % Completion field, which is no longer working.


Any help in this regards would be helpful.



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I see that GANTT chart visual has been rolled back to 2.0.2 version now.


@mikekennedy @Ving 

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Same problem here for our monthly report. % completion is not displayed consistantly!

I loved the enhancements on this nice custom visual that everybody in my organization is appreciating.

But I am not a fan of this last version 2.2.2  😉


I noticed that the "End Date" and "% Completion" fields are proposing "First" or "Count" options. I believe this is new.  Is this the source of the problem?


Screen Shot 10-16-19 at 09.20 AM.PNG


Is there a possibility to rollback the older version?

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I see that GANTT chart visual has been rolled back to 2.0.2 version now.


@mikekennedy @Ving 

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@Anonymous  Thank you for the notice.  🙂 The rollback has fixed our current GANTT situation, but I do not feel that the problem has been solved here. 

@PowerBITeam THANK YOU FOR THE ROLLBACK!!! However, I really hope you SOLVE the greater issue here and come up with a better way of releasing these “dot” visuals.  Preferably something like the following:

  1. Report owner is notified that a visual in their report is being released and can be verified with these steps… (maybe notify based on complexity? Anyways, I have only ran into this issue with GANTT 2 times in the last couple months, but I am sure there will be others if this release process continues.)
  2. Report owner is given some time to validate their reports and publish the report with the new visual (it is not made live until published)
  3. If it is still required to deprecate the existing visual then, after some determined time, if a report owner has not reported anything or is unresponsive just push it out.

If provided with the opportunity, I am happy to test the next GANTT version for FREE before it is rolled out before I have to test at my own expense anyways. 

Hi,  How did you get the previous version to be able to show the black completion line. Thanks in advance Elizabeth
Elizabeth Tachjian
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Now the Completion bar is filled all wrong.

Notice how 67%, 60% and 3% task completions are shown in the task!!

Is someone trying to fix this on the fly and expects us to unit test it for them???



@mikekennedy , @v-lili6-msft.

all yellow still.. any ETA on rolling this back?

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Similar issue, Im seeing the completion % show as half full even when it is 10% or 90%. Was working before.

New Member

I had the same problem here! somone can help us?

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