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Hello, could someone help me

I have two calculations made by measure "Total parts" = "good parts" + "quantity" and the 2 second calculation is "FPY Station" = "good parts" / "Total parts".


Now I need another calculation that does the following:

I have FPY Station I need "FPY Accumulated"

99.87% = 99.87%

99.88% (99.88%) x (99.87%) / (100) = 99.75%

99.61% (99.61%) x (99.75%) / (100) = 99.36%

99.54% (99.54%) x (99.36%) / (100) = 98.90% ....

in other words

A1 = B1

A2 A2xB1 = B2

A3 A3xB2 = B3

A4 A4xB3 = B4 ....

Please and thank you!

Community Support
Community Support

Here is the similar post, check the 2nd reply and you need change the calculation in the new column step. But your calculation uses measure, it can be complex since you may need to create those measures using custom column in power query.

Multiply a result for a value in other column - Microsoft Power BI Community



Paul Zheng _ Community Support Team

Super User
Super User

@Syndicate_Admin This is an extremely similar question to one that was just recently asked. The same answer applies, you are trying to essentially do a "Previous Value" problem aka recursion. DAX is not good at this sort of thing. Previous Value (“Recursion”) in DAX – Greg Deckler

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@Syndicate_Admin So how can I achieve this in power query? Is there any way to achieve the result?

Thank you

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