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Flight data to roster schedule


i have flight data as below

person column, status column, date column

person1, fly in, 1/2/21

person1, fly out, 11/2/21

person2, fly in 3/2/21

person2, fly out, 23/2/21


how do i create a new table or colum to expand the dates in between with the following rules:


Dates beteween fly in and fly out is filled in with status Work

Dates between fly out and fly in is filled with status Home.


Thanks in advance.


Community Support
Community Support

HI @ChimDen,

You can try to use following calculate table formula to expand raw table and replace the status:


Expand = 
VAR _calendar =
        MINX ( ALL ( 'Sample'[record date] ), [record date] ),
        MAXX ( ALL ( 'Sample'[record date] ), [record date] )
        FILTER (
            CROSSJOIN ( VALUES ( 'Sample'[person] ), _calendar ),
            VAR currPerson = [person]
                    >= MINX ( FILTER ( ALL ( 'Sample' ), [person] = currPerson ), [record date] )
                    && [Date]
                        <= MAXX ( FILTER ( ALL ( 'Sample' ), [person] = currPerson ), [record date] )
        "Person", [person],
        "Date", [Date],
            IF (
                    IN SELECTCOLUMNS (
                        FILTER ( ALL ( 'Sample' ), [person] = EARLIER ( 'Sample'[person] ) ),
                        "Date", [record date]



Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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Thanks Xiaoxin @v-shex-msft 

This works nicely as in the first 2 columns below (Dates, Query Status). However, the actual status is in the "Actual Status" column.

Back to original data i posted earlier, how do i change the DAX to make use of column with status "Fly in", Fly out" to get the Query status to match the Actual status plesae?

Thank you.

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table for the above



Super User
Super User

Hi @ChimDen 

Based on the sampele data you have provided, create a new table as below

_Work = SUMMARIZE(table,table[person],"fly in",CALCULATE(Min(table[date]),ALLEXCEPT(table,table[person])),"fly out",CALCULATE(Max(table[date]),ALLEXCEPT(table,table[person])))


Hope it resolves your issue? 
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