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Filtering for "Highest Level" option in a table

I have a table of training per person that looks something like the Table below. I'd like to be able to count and filter and create tables for the number of Yellow Belts vs Green Belts vs Black Belts I have. I'd also like to be able to create some calculations (Ex % of people on the list that have a yellow belt, % of people who have completed the green belt course that are green belt certified).


I first went down the path of trying to create conditional columns for each training option, but I definitely think I'm doing this the hard way. Does anyone have suggestions for how to get started?


Person AYellow Belt

Person A

Green Belt Course
Person AGreen Belt Certified

Person B

Yellow Belt

Person C

Yellow Belt

Person C

Green Belt Course

Person D

Yellow Belt

Person D

Green Belt Course

Person D

Green Belt Certified

Person D

Black Belt Course

Person D

Black Belt Certified
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @DemingPDCA 


Your table is in a proper structure for calculation. But it is not clear which courses have been completed. Does this table only record completed courses by all people? Are "Green Belt Course" and "Green Belt Certified" the same course? 


Once these problems are clear, you can then create measures to make the calculations you want. You can add different filtering conditions to measures. For example, 

Number of Persons = DISTINCTCOUNT ('Table'[Person])

Number of Persons having Yellow Belt = CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT ( 'Table'[Person] ),'Table'[Training] = "Yellow Belt")


Add measures to appropriate visuals to display the results.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Jing
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