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DCope Frequent Visitor
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Filtering based on selectedvalue

Hi guys,


Hoping someone can help me out, i have been looking at this for a couple of days now and really struggling to figure out a solution


Within my model I have a 'Task' table that contains details such as start date, end date and effort required to complete each task. I have created the ability to draw an S-curve (line chart) from my 'Dates' table to show when each task is planned over time using an 'Effort per day' calculated column that is the summed in the visualisation. 


I now need to create a way of filtering my 'Dates'[Effort required] column by the 'Task'[Code4] column, which contains details of who is doing the work, so that the S-Curve reflects only the data relating to the selected company.


Below is my 'Dates'[Effort required] calculated column. The line which is currently filtered out creates exactly the result I require but involves a hard coded string being passed to the calulation. I was hoping the preceeding line would give the same result by passing a selected value from a slicer that is created from distinct 'Task'[Code4] values.


However this is simply returning all 'Effort per day' values and is not filtering the data down as desired. Any ideas what is going wrong??


Effort Required = if(Dates[WorkDays]=false,0,
    sum('Task'[Effort per Day]),
   		filter('Task', Dates[Date]>='Task'[Planned Effort Start Date]-1),
    	        filter('Task',Dates[Date]<='Task'[Planned Effort Finish Date]),
		filter(task,Task[Code4]=[selected value]),
Moderator v-sihou-msft

Re: Filtering based on selectedvalue



In this scenario, since it can return correct result when you hard code the 'Task'[Code4] value, your calculation can take the filter properly.


Just remove "filter(task,Task[Code4]=[selected value])" , then select item in slicer to see if it can return correct result. If not, please replace it with "ALLSELECTED(Task[Code4])".


If it still doesn't work, please directly put your [selected value] with Date table entries to check the result on row level. 



DCope Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Filtering based on selectedvalue

Unfortunately this did not work. I first removed the filter row as suggetsed and then added the ALLSELECTED(Task[Code4]) condition but as you can see from the row level data below the effort required is not changing no matter what is picked in [selected value]


01-11-2017 11-26-47.png01-11-2017 11-27-08.png01-11-2017 11-27-15.png

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