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Filtering a table based off a slicer selection

I have a list of events. Each event is related to a product. I want to product reports on :

1. All sales

2. All sales of the highlighted product of an event.

3. All sales of users who attended an event.



I have a slicer based off the Events table.

I can get all sales by disconnecting the visual from the slicer.

I can get all sales of the attended users through my relationships. 

But I can not get all sales of the hightlighted product.


I have added a custom column in the sales table to bring in the event ID if the product sold relates to an event. 


See below. "Targeted Product column" is a 1, 2 or nothing. A 1 means it relates to the April event, a 2 means the May Event and nothing means it does not relate to an event. The product ID related to the April event is 10.

So in "Hightlighted Product Sales" I want to show all product 10s (or anything with a 1 in the Targeted Product Column). 

If I could filter on the dynamic slicer it could work.



Any ideas? I appreciate the help.


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I think I am getting closer.

I have a column on the sales table which displays the "Event Key" the sale is related to (if any).

Then I have a measure in the sales table to display the "Event Key" of the selected event in the slicer.


I am trying to write a anther measure : if (column=measure, 1, 0). Then I can filter out the 1/0.  However this does not work because a measure acts on the whole table.


Any idea how I can test for the 2 fields Column: "Event Key" and Measure: "Filter" to be equal? I want to filter on the matches. Is this even possible?




Thank you!


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Super User

@jlostrom , You can filter selected product from the event table for sales like


calculate(Sum(Sales[Total Sales]) , filter(Sales, Sales[Product Code] in values(events[Product Code]) ))


You can also consider treatas

Thank you for the suggestions.

The calculate/sum/filter does not filter on the event selected in the slicer. It sums any product linked to any event, not the single event selected in the slicer.


I also tried the TREATAS but it returns nothing.

CALCULATE( SUM(sales[Total Sales]),  TREATAS(VALUES(Event[Product code]),sales[Targeted Product])

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