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Filtering a slicer

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I have a simple model (contrived example is attached).


I have a dataset of projects and their status, status 1 to status 5

As a project moves along, its status is changed, e.g. "upgraded to status 2", "upgraded to status 3" and so forth.

My report is to show only projects at status 3.

the problem is the the slicer shows all programs regardless of status. In the real example with thousands of projects, this is not acceptable.

Without enabling bi-directional filtering, how can i filter the slicer to only have projects that are "upgaded to status 3", while keeping it distinct?


Note - i cant filter the slicer onload, as other reports want to see the projects in different status's.

Thanks for any help.


Sample pbix is below:


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Re: Filtering a slicer

You can use report or page level filters to filter your slicer. Also, you could create a new table using DAX that does a FILTER to only the projects you want. Relate that table to your Projects table and use it as your slicer instead.

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