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HarshaTU Resolver I
Resolver I

Filtering Schemes in Power BI



Do we have filetering schemes in power bi like spotfire does?

I am working on spotfire to power bi migration project, spotfire has filtering schemes applied in couple of reports.

I am not sure how can we do it in power bi?


Scenario: Assume we have 10 pages in a report. (5 Datasources are used)

page1-3: referring datasource1 (D1)

page4-6: referring datasource2 (D2)

page7: referring datasource 3 (D3)

page8:referring datasource 4 (D4)

page9-10: referring datasource 5 (D5)


Requirement: we need 4 filtering schemes named it as A,B,C,D

A: should contain filter set as 3 filters from D1, 5 filters from D2, 1 filter from D3, 4 filters from D4, 1 filter from D5.

it should get fixed for Scheme A in all 10 pages, means when we select scheme A in any of the page out of 10 the above set of filters should be applicable.


Similar way we have different set of filters for each scheme which are fixed for the scheme and should be applicable in all pages of report.


Please let me know if you need further information on the requirement.

kindly respond to this post.


Thanks in advance


Harsha vardhan




cnweke Resolver II
Resolver II

Re: Filtering Schemes in Power BI



This can be achieved by using 2 features:

- Synchronised slicers

- Bookmarks

The former ensures that a slicer on one page slices graphs across multiple pages.

The latter gives you the ability to preselect a number of filters/slicers,... and save them. These can then be put on buttons.


Good luck!

HarshaTU Resolver I
Resolver I

Re: Filtering Schemes in Power BI



Sync Slicer: I think Sync slicer works as report filter but using sync slicer we can limit pages that should get filter in a report.

My requirement is different, I should have filter scheme that contains different set of filtered values based on scheme from all datasources it refers to all pages.


Bookmarks: Bookmarks helps to swith between pages, As i know it doesn't help to change set of filters dynamically in the same page.


Apprecialte your help.



cnweke Resolver II
Resolver II

Re: Filtering Schemes in Power BI

I don't really understand what your actual use case is.


But I assume it's the following:


You can use bookmarks to do more than just switch between pages. You can hide slicers on one page, save that as a bookmark for each use case. Then you can use each of the buttons to hide all the other slicers and unhide the ones you want to see like:


Btn 1: Hides slicer 1-4, shows slicer 2-6 and hides 7-10


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