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Filter the values (outcome) of a calculation group

Hi all!


I have a Power BI report and I ve created 2 calculation Groups in Tabular Editor


The first one holds my measures such as Act Sales, Target, LY Sales, LY-1 Sales, % vs. Target etc called "Metrics" and the second calculation group holds the MTD, QTD, YTD etc called "Time Intelligence".


In my report I have a table with columns the Metrics Calculation Group (and I have a slicer to let viewer choose what they want to see) and the columns are also dynamic with the use of field parameters. I have also one slicer with the Time Intelligence so they see all the measure in the Period they chose (MTD, QTD, YTD etc).


But I want to offer a cleaner view and make the blanks and zeros disappear from my table. If the Act Sales are 0 or blank I want this row not showing (lets say that in the rows we have products). So, if one products Act Sales are 0 this product I don't want to appearing in the table.


How can I make it work?


Thank you in advance!

Helper III
Helper III

It works thanks 

Kind regards,


Frequent Visitor

@amitchandak No they don't. Act Sales is part of a calculation group not a measure itself. So, if it is zero or blank they don't disappear. I want to filter away the blanks and zeros of the calculation Item Act Sales part of a calculation group. Also, I tried to use a a measure as filter but it didn't worked...


Any ideas?

Super User
Super User

@elia22gr , Blank should go away automatically. so usually this what we do


if([sales] =0 , blank(), [sales]) //measure

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