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Filter by hidden column

How can I filter a visual by a column that is not displayed in that visual? I have a report that has several visuals (stacked bar chart, multi-column card, Matrix, and pie charts). Report contains filter visuals so users can select Region, Store name, Year, Month. Some of the visuals (like the Matrix display all filter columns), but others (like Multi-column cards and Stacked bar chart) do not display Month or Year columns. Currently, when you select a specific Year and/or Month the Matrix and pie charts change but the Multi-card and Stacked bar chart don't. Seems like for these types of visuals, if you do not display the column then you can't filter either.


What I would like to accomplish is the behavior that SSRS exhibits where you can use multiple parameters (same approach/concept as filters in Power BI but at the data level). Unfortunately it seems like you can't pass your actual filtering values to the actual SQL query, rather they seem to work only at the data model/visualization level.


Re: Filter by hidden column

Hi @ahpitre


Each visual has the ability to be filtered by fields that aren't directly used as an axis or data point.


Simply drag a field to the appropriate box and configure the filter as required.  I have highlighted in the image below the "visual" level filter, meaning it will only apply to this particular visual.   If you use the Page or Report level filters, you can apply your filter more broadly.



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ahpitre Member

Re: Filter by hidden column

That is what I am doing, but, the data doesn't change. Till now, all I only notice is that only columns being displayed, for some visuals, will allow filtering the data.


I really miss the ability to pass parameters directly to my SQL queries and have my reports change accordingly. I wonder why this hasn't been made available to Power BI. You would think tha being Power BI a more advanced and newer technology it could do anything that SSRS or other reporting tools/platforms do.

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