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Filter Top /Bottom ranks

Hi Team I have below data in table Rnk1.JPG


When I click on Slicer1- Top 5 and Slicer2-Pcks Per Hour then the Top 5 employees should be ranked on the base of Pack Per Hr value.Yes but table should show only 5 rows...

Same way for Bottom 5 and rest all filters


Kindly suggest


Hi @srlabhe123


This looks do-able.  Can you please post your data in text format (rather than image) as I'm too lazy to type it all in 🙂



To learn more about DAX visit :

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HI @srlabhe123


I typed in some random numbers.  


One solution involves two disconnected tabels for the slicers and three calculated measures.


The three calculated measures are:


Dynamic Measure = 
VAR Slicer2Val = MAX('Slicer2'[Value])
           TRUE() ,
           Slicer2Val = "% Productivity" , SUM('Table1'[% Productive]),
           Slicer2Val = "% Utilization" ,SUM('Table1'[% Utilisation]),
           Slicer2Val = "Under/Over" , SUM('Table1'[Over/Under]) ,
           Slicer2Val = "Packs Per Hours" , SUM('Table1'[Packs Per Hr]) ,
           SUM('Table1'[Hours Worked])
Dynamic Rank = 
VAR Slicer1Val = MAX('Slicer1'[Value])
VAR OrderChar = LEFT(Slicer1Val,1)
            RANKX(ALL('Table1'),[Dynamic Measure],,ASC),
            RANKX(ALL('Table1'),[Dynamic Measure],,DESC)
Dynamic Filter = 
VAR Slicer1Val = MAX('Slicer1'[Value])
VAR SlicerNum =  INT(SUBSTITUTE( SUBSTITUTE(Slicer1Val,"Top",""),"Bottom",""))
RETURN IF([Dynamic Rank] <= SlicerNum , 1,0)

The final measure needs to be a filter on your visual (must = 1)


Here is a PBIX file that demonstrates!AtDlC2rep7a-oxXEbECogNlbYe9Z

To learn more about DAX visit :

Proud to be a Datanaut!

Its working functionally but whenver I change the filter for measure and for rank then it takes long time to refresh for selected filters.

For ex if I change from Top 5 to Top 10 and for measure Hrs Worked, the report takes long time to reflect data.

Also teher are filters on top of the visual . I f I select Deaprtment as filter and then select measure and Top 5 the rank gives me in valid values like below:If I dont select any filter it works fine.



How much data do you have?  eg rowcounts

To learn more about DAX visit :

Proud to be a Datanaut!

approx 250 K

any suggestion 



Try with Bookmarks ahd Hide or Unhide Visuals. One for each Ranking so you ca avoid the Switch Measure.








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