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Helper III
Helper III

Re: Filter Drop down

Hi ecroke


I'm new to this too but if it were me I would try to use a 'dynamic' column, or several columns to identify when they fall into those catergories.


For example (Last 30 days):


Last 30 days = if(Table_A[Date Field] > (Today()- 30), "Last 30 Days", "")

*This, as far as I am aware, should return "Last 30 Days" where the date in questio nis greater than today -30, and therefore should capture anything that falls into that. As the data increases or the data changes records will fall in or out of this so will be effectively 'LIVE'.


You might be able to do it all in one expression:


if(Table_A[Date Field] >(Today () -30), "Last 30 Days", if(Table_A[Date Field] >(Today() -(30*7)), "Last 30 Weeks", if(Table_A[Date Field] >(Today() -365), "last 12 Months", if(Table_A[Date Field] >(Today()-730), "last 8 Quarters", ""))))


I might be a bit naive about the caluations in there and there might be better ways of perfecting those - but hopefully you can see the idea behind my thinking here??

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