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slappydooda Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Filled map visual - shading states with no values

Hi all,


I'm using a map visual (as well as a table) to display promotional submissions by state and zip. I have a master promotion data table which relates to a submission level data table (which includes connecting promotion numbers as well as the geographical data).


This has been working well for months. Recently, something's happened where my map visual is now highlighting states with no values (after filtering). See below for an example of my table/map combo after filtering to a specific promotion. The table correctly displays the number of submissions per state. The map also correctly shows submissions (and the data behind the map visual is correct when exported). However - All other states in the map are still highlighted in light blue when they should not be highlighted at all (as there are no values behind these states). On rollover, my tooltip correctly states no submissions for these states.




Any ideas what could be causing this?



tarunsingla Member

Re: Filled map visual - shading states with no values

Check if the filled map visual's Default formatting is set to "Specific color". If it is set, change it to "Don't format".FilledMap.png