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FORMAT setting integer to string - DAX


What am I doing in correctly on the formula below?


% Profiles Started = VALUE ( FORMAT ( DIVIDE ( TotalNumberOfSkills, [Total # Resources] ) * 100, "0.0" ) )


The result of the above is returning a string value.


Am I doing something incorrectly? Is there an alternative to formatting percentages in DAX? 

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Re: FORMAT setting integer to string - DAX



The change the format you can go to modeling:



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Re: FORMAT setting integer to string - DAX

Hi @igordossantos,


You don't need to use DAX functions to format the value of the measure in this scenario. In Power BI Desktop, you can just use Format option under Modeling tab to format the measure as Vvelarde mentioned above.


You can just use the formula below for the measure "% Profiles Started", then follow steps below to change format to Percentage for it.

% Profiles Started = DIVIDE ( TotalNumberOfSkills, [Total # Resources] )

1. Select the measure you want to format on the Fields.




2. Under Modeling tab, just choose Percentage for the Format of the measure.