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FIRSTNONBLANK not returning every value

Hello all,


I have the below DAX expression to return the use name from a table that has multiple values to a table with single values. I am joining them by the date but for some reason on 3/4th of the values gets pulled over. Note: there is only one username next to each distinct date on the multi table.  I have checked all the dates and there are true values to be pulled for the dates missing. below I also have an example of the results. Does anyone know why I would get spotty results when that data is there just like any of the other rows that found a value?



User Worked = CALCULATE(
FIRSTNONBLANK( SearchTable[Processed by Name], 1),
FILTER( ALL(SearchTable), SearchTable[Date] = 'Calendar'[Date]))




Super User
Super User

Please provide sanitized sample data that fully covers your issue. If you paste the data into a table in your post or use one of the file services it will be easier to assist you. I cannot use screenshots of your source data.

Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided. Screenshots of the expected outcome are ok.

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