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Export to Excel Missing Data


When I try to export data from Power BI Desktop Table Chart, and dataset is incomplete.  Is there limitation to the export functionality within Power BI?  When I simply open the csv file, the record shown in the chart below are missing from the csv file. 


Your help is much appreciated.




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The Rootcause of my issues was Many-to-Many relationship.

Patric (Guy in a Cube)  mentined to avoid it as much as possible, but I wasn't listening 🙂

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I know this is an old post, but I have just spent hours puzzling over this problem and managed to solve it.  In my case, it was because on the grid I was exporting I had identical rows.  I spotted this by putting a counter on the page and looking at how many rows were shown in the grid.  When I saw something like 17 rows in the counter, but only 16 rows on the grid, I just looked closely at the data and could see there were rows with duplicate data, even though they were distinct rows returned by my query.


To solve the problem, I just added an Index column to my query, added that to the grid and changed it to not summarise.  Hope this helps someone!

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We are also experiencing the same error. There were missing errors when filters are not applied.

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I am experiencing the same issue, and was able to identify that the incomplete export only only seems to occur when I have scrolled down to the bottom of the table visual that I am exporting to .csv.  (It seems counter-intuitive--you would think the export would be more likely to be incomplete if the visual table isn't fully loaded with the data, but it actually works the opposite way in my datasets.)


I created an issue here with the hopes that this issue will be addressed by the PBI team:

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Hi all,


I have come across a similar problem, when exporting data from tables created in Power BI only half of the rows are being exported.

Tables with a maximum of 2,500 rows are only exporting 800 - 1,300 rows. This problem also appears to be indiscriminate.


I have advised a client to use Power BI and helped them set it up but now this problem has caused a problem on 2 occasions. Fortunately, the first time, after closing and restarting Power BI Desktop, it exported the full count of rows. The second time though, the problem persisted to the point where instead of exporting only half of the rows it began to return an error. The client shared the pbix file with me and after initially it only returned half of the rows I repeated the procedure 4 times and each time got the full row count. This was despite the fact that I did not change anything in the file as sent by the client.


Is there a clear explanation as to what might cause this problem?


Any suggestions or tips would be gratefully received.


Kind regards   

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We are also experiencing this exact behaviour.

The issue you are experiencing could be related to the data source you are trying to export has authentication or security set on it.  Right click or check the data source's authentication and uncheck any credentials needed to load from the data source.

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I am also experiencing this problem. Exactly the same behaviour that is stated above.




According to this document, there are two points should be noticed as below. Please check if your problem is caused by them.

  1. The maximum number of rows that can be downloaded is 10,000.
  2. If the visual is filtered, then the downloaded data will also be filtered.


Best Regards,


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Responsive Resident

It should export data as is without any issues. Is there any filter being applied in your report which you are missing while verifying your data?


Also, are you using Power BI Desktop or Power BI service when doing export.

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