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Equivalent of ISFILTERED on a full table

Dear all,


I am currently trying to create a security to avoid categories' KPI to appear on detailed values (lowest level). To do so I use ISFILTERED to detect if I am at the lowest level of Granularity or not by detecting if the is a filter on column available at this level of granularity.

Thus I have to detail each Column existing on the detailed Table. Do we have an equivalent of ISFILTERED but checking on the full detailled table.


Do you have any ideo for that.





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Re: Equivalent of ISFILTERED on a full table

I often use HASONEVALUE for such a thing.  Sometimes it might even be necessary to create a dimension table with a distinct list of values which will be linked to your fact table.  I then use the dimension table as the filter condition.  From here you can use HASONEVALUE on the dimension table to know if a selection has been made.


Does that cover your scenario?


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