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End User Training

Good Morning All,


This isn't so much a cry for help, more just to get some inspiration.


I'd like to know what other Power BI developers out there have done to train up end users in their business - be it by creating user guides, 1-2-1 training sessions ot even videos.


I'm not after You Tube links or pre-canned Microsoft help guides but more what others have created to help their very own end users.


The business I work for is a lot larger than what I'm used to, and with potentially 900 end users, 1-2-1 training would be very time consuming. So I'm thinking a well put together user guide would work, but also thinking a well put together internal web page with video content etc.


Anybody got any ideas they would like to share?





I am a professional trainer. My view is there are 3 levels of need 

1. Reader. Interact with reports others have built

2. Report builder.  Build new reports on data others have prepared

3. Data Analyst.  Load your own data


These are the options for training

1. Video based training can work - is cheap. Some instructor lead training can also work, but is more expensive

2. Instructor lead is better, but also video based is good

3.  My view - some sort of quality instructor lead training is best. 

books are good, but are generic. Not that there is anything wrong with generic, it's just that they are generic. 





* Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.
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Thanks for your reply, Matt.


It's more option 1 that I'm exploring. We're in a journey of creating various reports and dashboards towards creating a 'self serve' culture.


My idea is to create something that end users can refer back to. Generic would work I guess, but a document (or video) as tailor made as the reporting itself would add a professional touch.



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