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PaulCo Member

Enable a slicer to only apply to part of a measure

Hi There,


I have created a slicer which enables me to see the latest value of an opportunity. The sales team update various fields from Call 1 to Call 7 based on their latest sales call. This is to track the value of the deal over the quarter. 


Call Number.pngLatest Call.png


I added a conditional column to find the latest call value for each opportunity. But to enusre that I only pull the latest value I also added a column which states what the latest call is. 


So now I have a slicer which allows me to select the latest call and then see the latest call value by filtering out all of the previous call values.


Now I want to do a simple calculation to find out what the latest call value is + the booked deal value. 


Both values come from the same table so I need to filter the latest call value by Call Number but then this filters my booking results.


I have created 2 measures:


Current Quarter Bookings:

Current Q Bookings 1 = (CALCULATE(SUM('BI Data - SFDC'[Software Amount]),Dates[Quarters Passed] = 0,'BI Data - SFDC'[Category] = "Booking"))


Latest Call:

Latest Call = CALCULATE(SUM('BI Data - SFDC'[Latest Call]),'BI Data - SFDC'[Category] = "Pipeline")

I then created a Measure adding the 2 together:


Forecast = Latest Call + Current Quarter Bookings


Is it possible to create the Forecast measure where when I select the Call number, the filter only applies to the Latest Call part of the Measure and not the bookings part. Otherwise it filters out data that I need to show and I get a lower number than expected.


So basically, I want to create a measure based on the addition of 2 measures. And have a slicer that applies to only applies to one measure and does not affect the other.


Any ideas?

stretcharm Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Enable a slicer to only apply to part of a measure

Maybe try checking SELECTEDVALUE and applying a different condition if there is a filter.



powerpeter Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Enable a slicer to only apply to part of a measure

Try to use ALL(Table["name column used in slicer"]) as filter in one of CALCULATE measure that you want to not be affected by slicer