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Easy way to move measure

I have created many measures in a query.  I identified that the query is not necessary and the measure can be written in another existing query so I would like to delete the query but first I need to relocate the measures.  


Is there an easy way to move a measure from one query to another other than individually copying/pasting the measure string?



It is possible to do it!! Go to the "model" tab on the left side


In that tab you can select the measurements you want to move


Next to it, in the "properties" tab switch to the table you want to be the measurements


And that's it 🙂

Of course, the measurement fields should be in the other data set as well, otherwise you will get an error.

Hope I helped 🙂

Advocate II
Advocate II

The latest version of PBI desktop includes a feature in the modeling tool to move measures. It works pretty well, but takes a while if you have a lot of measures. I tested this new feature in desktop, but when I went to connect an existing report to the test dataset, all of the visuals displayed errors saying that the measure can't be found. I thought since measures didn't explicitly reference the table like columns do, that this would not be an issue. Has anyone else tried this?


I found the solution and it is oh so easy.  Changed my world haha

 Click on the measure, go to the "Measure tools" ribbon and change the Home table on the left of the top navigation.


Move measure.PNG



Thank you. You're the only person to post a valid solution!

Community Champion
Community Champion



Use the Tabular Editor tool.

Then follow the below steps.


Open your pbix file and then open the tabular editor. File ==> Open ==> From DB ==> Local instance

In the below screenshot, I have two tables. Table 1 contains 4 measures. 


Now I'm going to copy all the measures into Table 2 

For that ctrl+click all the measures


Then drag into Table 2


Then click save


Now go-to Power BI desktop and click the refresh button.


Note: Make sure you have backup file before testing this.

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@alicia_pbi , I doubt it possible now. There is an idea for that. Vote for that

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