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rahu Visitor

Dynamically increase number of visualization based on input



New to Power BI.


I want to draw multiple "Tacheometer" in one of my report (may use "Gauge" also). I can surely include the exact number of visualizations as per my requirements of different categories. But my categories count is not defined, it can vary from 2 to say 10.


Thus, is there any way in which i can increase or decrease the number of visualizations based on the number of input categories.


Ex: Lets say, based on present selection i get 3 categories visualization but as soon as i change the selection and my number of categories increases to 5, it should show me 5 different vizualization(1 visual for each).


Please let me know if it is possible and suggest the way to do so. 


Thanks in advance.



Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Dynamically increase number of visualization based on input

Hi @rahu

The visualization can't increase with the input automatically.

You need to create new visuals manually.

Could you show some example of your table and espected result?

I am willing to working out a workaround for this if possible.


Best Regards