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Resolver I

Dynamically categorize and sum the matrix based on the slicers



I have a matrix which need to be categorized and summarized based on the slicer selections, these slicers do not have relationship with main table. I need to sum up the values, I have slicers and matrix like this:



I need get the dynamic table like below on the selection:



Super User
Super User

@vin26 , not very clear. But you can create a color measure and use that in conditional formatting using "Field" option.


Color  = if(FIRSTNONBLANK(Table[Year],2014) <=2016 && AVERAGE(Sales[Sales Amount])<170 
Color sales = if([Sales Today] -[sales yesterday]>0,"green","red")

color =
switch ( true(),
FIRSTNONBLANK(Table[commodity],"NA") ="commodity1" && sum(Table[Value]) >500,"lightgreen",
FIRSTNONBLANK(Table[commodity],"NA") ="commodity2" && sum(Table[Value]) >1000,"lightgreen",
/// Add more conditions


Color Field - Color Measure - Conditional formatting - Check Steps


Also, explore SEGMENTATION



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Hi @amitchandak  Thanks for your response, conditional formatting part is done and it working fine. Please refre to the .pbix file here . My challenge is to sum up those colored range values, basically it is a dynamic segmentation in which user will have option to make the segmentation by selecting the slicer and those summed values will be used access the dashboard. Here, I need to create a measure which calculating total of each color.



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Memorable Member

Hi @vin26 ,


Could you please share your sample data pbix to me?


Because it takes too much time to create the data source.


And I think the measure won't be hard.


In my mind, firstly you can create a new table which has four values, like:








Then put it in a table, and create a measure like below:

measure = switch(Type,

"Orange",calculate(sum(your_value),filter(your_table,col <= max(your_orange_slicer_col) && col >= min(your_orange_slicer_col) && row <= max(your_orange_slicer_row) && row >= min(your_orange_slicer_row),



something like above.


Aiolos Zhao

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HI @AiolosZhao  Thank you for the quick response, please find the sample .pbix file here 

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Memorable Member

Hi @vin26 ,


Something like this:

Measure = SWITCH(MAX('Table'[Column1]),
                    "Blue",CALCULATE(SUM(Sheet1[Values]),FILTER(Sheet1,Sheet1[Column 2] <= MAX(Table_Blue_Col[Blue_Col]) && Sheet1[Column 2] >= MIN(Table_Blue_Col[Blue_Col]) && Sheet1[Column 1] >= MIN(Table_Blue_Row[Blue_Row]) && Sheet1[Column 1] <= MAX(Table_Blue_Row[Blue_Row]))),
                    "Green",CALCULATE(SUM(Sheet1[Values]),FILTER(Sheet1,Sheet1[Column 2] <= MAX(Table_Green_Col[Green_Col]) && Sheet1[Column 2] >= MIN(Table_Green_Col[Green_Col]) && Sheet1[Column 1] >= MIN(Table_Green_Row[Green_Row]) && Sheet1[Column 1] <= MAX(Table_Green_Row[Green_Row]))),
                    "Orange",CALCULATE(SUM(Sheet1[Values]),FILTER(Sheet1,Sheet1[Column 2] <= MAX(Table_Orange_Col[Orange_Col]) && Sheet1[Column 2] >= MIN(Table_Orange_Col[Orange_Col]) && Sheet1[Column 1] >= MIN(Table_Oranage_Row[Orange_Row]) && Sheet1[Column 1] <= MAX(Table_Oranage_Row[Orange_Row]))),
                    "Yellow",CALCULATE(SUM(Sheet1[Values]),FILTER(Sheet1,Sheet1[Column 2] <= MAX(Table_Yellow_Col[Yellow_Col]) && Sheet1[Column 2] >= MIN(Table_Yellow_Col[Yellow_Col]) && Sheet1[Column 1] >= MIN(Table_Yellow_Row[Yellow_Row]) && Sheet1[Column 1] <= MAX(Table_Yellow_Row[Yellow_Row]))))


Dynamically categorize and sum the matrix based on the slicers.PNG


Aiolos Zhao

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Hi @AiolosZhao  thanks lot for the solutions, it works as expected!!. you are master. Really amazing.

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Memorable Member

Glad to help you~



Aiolos Zhao

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