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gellmann01 Frequent Visitor
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Dynamic calculator tool

Today my boss asked me to implement something I believe is impossible, at least for what i know.

However, since he is the boss, I will try and ask it anyway.

I build a model that want to study the cash flow of the company.

Of course in the cash flow also the bank accounts should be considered. 

My boss asked if there is a way to implement a visual whose fields can be filled by the user with the amount of money in the various bank accounts.

In other words he would like to have a user- interactive table in which he can input from keyboard the amount of money.

Is this possible in power BI?
I hope my question is clear

Super User
Super User

Re: Dynamic calculator tool

Hi @gellmann01 this is currecntly not possible I believe but you can always have the users fill an excel / csv file which can be imported



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gellmann01 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Dynamic calculator tool

Hi Livio, thank you for your quick reply.

I am aware of this possibility.

However, since my boss is very busy and not particularly tech- savy ( and I don't have access to the bank account data), importing  a csv file is not an option.