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Dynamic Visual Title - Cannot Select Measure



I've created a very simple measure:


TestTitle = "test"


And am trying to use this as a dynamic title for a visual, however when I go to the Conditional Formatting options for the Title, I cannot select ANY measure I've created to use as the title.  I can select any column, but measures are all greyed out.


This should have been possible from April 2019, can anyone else do this?

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Just came across this post in the search for a solution to the same challenge, and after figuring out a solution that does not involve having the measure in the shared dataset, I figured I would share that solution here for anyone else who comes across this.


When creating the measure containing you dynamic title, it defaults to data type Decimal Number:


With that data type, the measure is greyed out:



However if the data type of the measure is changed to text, it is then possible to chose it:




I have tested it on both a live connection to AAS and PBI, and both works.

Super User
Super User

@JRyan , You created a  test measure. So conditional formatting might have been disabled for that.


Create like

Measure =1 and check.

Any way not very clear what you want to achieve here

Ok seems that I've sorted this out now (with the help of a colleague!)


Looks the Measure you create must be in the same pbix as the Dataset, i.e. you cannot create a Measure to use as a dynamic title in a Report that is linked to a Shared Dataset - it must be in the Shared Dataset itself.

Hi @JRyan


Correctly,glad that you have solved your issue,could you pls mark the reply as answered to close it?


Much appreciated.


Best Regards,
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