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Johan3ngholm Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Dynamic Stock Turnover Report Progress

Hi, I'm feeling really close to solve my problem for a dynamic Stock Turnover Report but yet I have some issues where I need your advice first my tables looks like this, Pretty much straight forward. I get the columns in my Article list from, that gives me a start date and an end date for each article. 


Start-LastTransactionDate = LASTDATE('Start-StockBalancePerDateTable'[Date]) 

End-LastTransactionDate = LASTDATE('End-StockBalancePerDateTable'[Date])


But now I want to add two more columns in the Article Table and that is the StockBalancePerDate columns from each Table. (e.g Start-StockBalance for Article A is 29 End-StockBalance for Article A is 35)


I can't get the RELATED function to work, somehow I get a message that the tables don't have any relation, but as you can see in the Relationship-picture there is a relation between the tables. 



Start-StockBalancePerDateTable.JPGStart-StockBalancePerDateTable'End-StockBalancePerDateTable.JPGEnd-StockBalancePerDateTable ArticleList with StartDate and End Date.JPGArticleArticle_Start-StockbalancePerDateTable_Endt-StockbalancePerDateTable_Relationship.JPGRelationships


Best regards


quentin_vigne Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Dynamic Stock Turnover Report Progress

Hi @Johan3ngholm


On your last picture it looks strange because It looks like you have clicked on the relation but only the Article filed from Start-Stock is highlighted

The ArticleNo from Article should be highlighted

Can you go on your relation editor and check that the relation is on Article.No on both tables ? 



- Quentin

Johan3ngholm Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Dynamic Stock Turnover Report Progress

Hi @quentin_vigne I beileve that's just in the picture, heres another one where Article and ArticleNo are highlited, I've also a Calendar table. 


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