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Helper II
Helper II

Dynamic Objective in a Column Chart (according to product)

Hi all,


I would like to visualize the average yield of a shift compared to the target yield that is established for the quality that was being produced during that timestamp. First I will insert a simple image so it is easier to understand what I would like to visualize:




In the X axis of the graph we can see how we have the timeline, with days going from the 8th to the 11th and in the Y axis we have the average of the yield. So what we visualize in this graph is the average yield per each shift. Also, you can see how in the legend we have the different idMaterial (quality) that was being produced in each shift. Finally, the line represents the objective value that is considered as a recipe parameter for each quality. 


So that's what I would like to visualize, with the columns the average yield of that shift and with the line the value for the yield that is set as the target for each quality (for those shifts that there are different qualities being produced it would be ideal if both the real yield and the target yield were the weighted average according to the amount of cycles that were produced of each quality).


Is that possible? 


Just to give more context I'll quickly present how the structure of my model works, as I think it can add difficulty to the case. I'll write the tables that intervene and the correlations they establish. 

Table A: Table A is the batch tracking, here is where all the production cycles are registered. Each production cycle has a timestamp and a yield value. Correlation: This table relates the yield to an idPO (process order id).

Table B: This table refers each idPO to an idMaterial.

Table C: This table relates each idMaterial to a MaterialTag (quality).

Table D : Finally, this table relates each MaterialTag to its ExtractionYield (target yield).


I've checked and the relations are working properly, so that's something not to worry about. 


Is there anyone that can help me out?


Thanks in advance!


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