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Dynamic Matrix - Add Column with % Change, with Dynamic Date filter

Hi, My first post and a very new to PowerBi (So be gentle!)
I have looked through a number of similar posts that have not really made things clear, so any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

I am looking to create the following simple table using a dynamic matrix


I have successfully created the dynamic matrix, which I can populate with data from the 2 dates in the visuals filter using the below.

However, i would like to add a 3rd column with the % change between the data on the two selected dates, which will not always be the same dates.

The data for this dynamic matrix is being stored in one excel file, where new data is added regularly under multiple names, and on multiple dates.

For example
Micky Mouses data is in Red
Donald Ducks data is in Blue etc




I would like the 2 dates to be changeable by filter on the visual, which i have managed to create.

I would just like some advice on how to add the 3rd additional column with a percentage difference between the first two dynamic columns.

If you would like me to provide any further info just let me know
Thank you in advance,


Super User
Super User

Hi @DanLo ,


Can you provide a screenshot of your model and how the data filters are set up on your report?


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Apologies for the late reply, i had some trouble getting in to my account!

So model looks like this, All of the data is being pulled from PDPRawdata at the moment, which is an excel file.


Data filters look as follows on the report


And this is how the report, dynamic matrix currently looks


Really appreciate you taking a look.

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