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Dynamic Image Display

Hi guys,


I'm trying to find a way to dynamically display an image based on the values selected in a Slicer. For example, I might have a dataset that could be {Good, Medium, Bad} and I want to display either a Green, Orange or Red traffic light, depending on the worst case of what's selected. So the user would use the Slicer to select the data they want to see, and the image would change to reflect the worst case of this.


A simple example of the kind of table I'm looking at is:


Category | Severity | IconURL
     a        |       1      | http://bad.png
     a        |       2      | http://medium.png
     a        |       1      | http://bad.png
     a        |       3      | http://good.png
     b        |       3      | http://good.png
     b        |       2      | http://medium.png
     b        |       2      | http://medium.png
c | 3 | http://good.png

If the user picks Category A, I want to see 'bad.png', picking Category B gives 'medium.png' and Category C gives 'good.png'.


I've gotten somewhere using the ImgViewerVisual visualization, but I haven't been able to get it working properly. I can get the correct URL using a Measure but I can't set the Data Category to "Image URL" so it only displays as text. I've also tried creating a Custom Column that consists only of the URL with the worst (Min) Severity, but that does not respond to Slicer choices (no picking between Category A,B or C). I could do the the Min(Severity) on a by-category basis, but that will only work if the user is restricted to only picking one category at a time.


Has anyone any ideas on how to do this? I feel like it should be possible but I'm missing something.


Ahhhh, now I get it. I completely forgot about the internet connectivity part :). That is a definite advantage, thanks for explaining it.

Hi, I tried with chiclet slicer. The image still doesn't show.

There was a visual named Image Viewer. Now no longer available.

Any suggest of dynamic image display in Power BI?

Thank you!

Can any help me in getting colured indicators....My requiremnet is 



I have two columns one is Average target another one is Mean time to Repair...

Average target is a fixed column

mean time  is the time to repair an incident we are getting it from service now api



Now my requirement is if  my mean time is greater than avergae target it should red


if  my mean time is equal to average to target it should show me yellow

 if my mean time is less than average target it should show yellow.








You can use "HTMLViewer" custom visual (available on Power BI store) to do the same thing as "ImageViewer" visual. The only catch being, you'll have to create html <img> tag for the images to display.



That is not valid for calculated measures, why? It's mandatory.


I am looking for an image based on a sum of values, and the result in the table is the URL (the one I put in a conditional for the calc. measure) as a text, not as an image.



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