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Drilldown Choropleth Issues

Hi All


Following issues have been noted in Drilldown Choropleth Chart, Please advise if there are any solutions


1. I would like to predefine data colors based on Legend

2. once we go to last drilldown(lets Say - Country,Province,District), when i select District, map gets zoomed in , but the district does not get selected

3.values shown in the tooltip are not formatted(value shown as 2464645 instead 2,464,645) due to the issue percentage values cannot be used in legend, we will have to multiple by 100 

4.Data labels option is not available in the map





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Re: Drilldown Choropleth Issues

Hi jayanthan,


I can reproduce what you said, actually these these feature are very useful, I would recommend you to submit your idea or issue here to contant with author directly.



Jimmy Tao