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smadden Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Drill down without expanding


I am having an issue with the drill down function. I have a bar chart with a hierarchy and want to drill down one field at a time without the parent label appearing. For example, when I click on Level1, I want the labels to then show Level2 rather than keeping the parent label by showing Level1Level2. In the article referenced below, this should be achieved by using the drill down function one field at a time. The data should go to level 2 without expanding the data, therefore in the example within the article of states and cities, clicking on TN in the first level then brings up data points for "Gallatin, TN", "Chattanooga, TN" without the parent label.

The issue I am finding is that I have 2 separate charts with 2 different hierarchies that appear to be set up the same way. When I use the drill down function, one of the charts drills down one field at a time, but the other expands the data and keeps the parent label. So going back to the above example, one chart would show "Gallatin, TN" when I drop down to the second level and the other chart would show "TN, Gallatin, TN" with the level 1 label still attached. My level 1 text strings are a lot longer than just 2-letter state initials, and therefore in the chart that expands the data you cannot see or understand any of the labels.

Has anyone else had this problem where the drill down function does not work properly and for some charts is expanding the data when it shouldn't be? I have seen some posts suggest turning off the "Concatenate Values" function, but this has not worked for me, and even if it did work it only applies to the x-axis which doesn't help when using a bar chart instead of a column chart.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Drill down without expanding

Hi @smadden,


Can you please share pbix file for test?


BTW, 'go to next level' is different from drill down, it will switch to next hierarchy level and summary all similar category without filter on parent category.



Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin Sheng
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konstantinos Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Drill down without expanding

I have the same issue ( unfortunately ) I cannot share pbix file.


Drill down has the same behaviour as expand to next level only for the selected bar. Meaning that keeps the parent hierarchy label.


This is a report build on previous versions and working with latest one.


Version: 2.62.5222.761 64-bit (September 2018)

Konstantinos Ioannou
smadden Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Drill down without expanding

Hi Xiaoxin


Unfortunately I do not have a pbix file I can share because it contains protected information. I understand the difference between drill down and go to next level, but Konstantinos is right in that the drill down feature can have similar behavior to expand because sometimes it keeps the parent category title.